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A Year of connecting to the Moon - 2024 Summary

Updated: Feb 17

Happy New Year!

In the last few years we have traveled through each sign of the Zodiac connecting to the New Moons & Full Moons together. Now it's time to do the same for 2024.

The New Moon is the time to set your intentions for the month ahead. By getting clear on what you want, you will effectively be sending out arrows of desire that cannot help but start to manifest. To learn more about the New Moon and how to wish on it click here to visit the New Moon page.

The Full Moon is the time to let go, to release what does not serve you anymore. Often is the things that we hold on to, what keeps us stuck, is the same reason why we can not get our wishes granted. We are effectively pushing our dreams away. To learn more about the Full Moon and how to use it's energy to release things from your life click here to visit the Full Moon page.

Below are the key dates for 2024's New & Full Moons (all times are GMT):


NEW MOON - Capricorn – wishes for career ambitions (Thursday, 11 January 11:57 am) - read more about the Capricorn energy by clicking here

FULL MOON - Leo - release/forgive issues relating to your parenting, relationship with children, your inner child (Thursday, 25 January 5:54 pm)


NEW MOON - Aquarius – wishes for the world + friends (Friday, 9 February 10:59 pm) - read more about the Aquarius energy by clicking here

FULL MOON - Virgo - release/forgive unhealthy habits, bring peace to your daily life (Saturday, 24 February 12:30 pm)


NEW MOON - Pisces – wish for increased connection to the Divine (Sunday, 10 March 9:00 am)

FULL MOON - Libra - forgive/release issues with loved ones (Monday, 25 March 7:00 am)


NEW MOON - Aries – wish for the courage to live your dreams (Monday, 8 April 7:21 pm)

FULL MOON - Scorpio - release/forgive your dark side, your shadow side, how you feel about sex and money (Wednesday, 24 April 0:49 am)


NEW MOON - Taurus – wish for money manifesting (Wednesday, 8 May 4:22 am)

FULL MOON - Sagittarius - release/forgive narrow mindedness (Thursday, 23 May 2:53 pm)


NEW MOON - Gemini – wish for better communications (Thursday, 6 June 1:38 pm)

FULL MOON - Capricorn - release/forgive professional wrong doers (Saturday, 22 June 2:08 am)


NEW MOON - Cancer – wish for happier home life (Friday, 5 July 11:57 pm)

FULL MOON - Capricorn - release/forgive professional wrong doers (Sunday, 21 July 11:17 am) - second Capricorn full moon in 2024!


NEW MOON - Leo – wish for the confidence to strut your stuff (Sunday, 4 August 12:13 pm)

FULL MOON - Aquarius - release/forgive friends, unfulfilled dreams (Monday, 19 August 7:26 pm)


NEW MOON - Virgo – wish for increased organisation (Tuesday, 3 September 2:55 am)

FULL MOON - Pisces - release/forgive the things you don't like, take time out (Wednesday, 18 September 3:34 am)


NEW MOON - Libra – wish for better love life (Wednesday, 2 October 7:49 pm)

FULL MOON - Aries - release/forgive yourself, issues about your appearance (Thursday, 17 October 12:26 pm)


NEW MOON - Scorpio – wish for deep inner transformation, better sex life (Friday, 1 November 12:47 pm)

FULL MOON - Taurus - release/forgive any money issues, financial drama, connection to give & take (Friday, 15 November 9:28 pm)


NEW MOON - Sagittarius – wishes around study + adventure (Sunday, 1 December 6:21 am)

FULL MOON - Gemini - release/forgive and negative words that were said to you or you what you said, your relationships with your siblings and neighbours (Sunday, 15 December 9:01 am)

NEW MOON - Capricorn – wishes for career ambitions (Monday, 30 December 10:27 pm)

As William Arthur Ward says "If you can imagine it you can achieve it, if you can dream it you can become it." May all your wishes become true in 2024.

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