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Spine and Mind
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Yoga for Your Spine

3 hours Workshop

Building up our spine from the base to the top. Understanding the anatomy, the alignment and the possible causes of back /neck pain. Looking into both the physical and the emotional factors contributing to the tightness. Learning Yoga stretches, meditations and relaxation that will help you develop a stronger and more flexible spine, on the way to prevent back pain or achieve long term pain relief. Suitable for beginners.


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Yoga for Your Mind

2 hours Workshop

Restore and Relax. This workshop is all about unwinding, letting the body switch back in to relaxation mode if it forgot how to.

Looking at depression and anxiety from an Ayurvedic point of view.

Where does the imbalance come from, how can we start to release it, how can we make ourselves more resilient? Our mind is either our best friend or our worst enemy, let's make it our friend. Combing our gentle practice with Yoga Nidra, the yogic sleep, which is a deep relaxation technique. Suitable for beginners.



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Dosha and Chakra
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Balancing the Chakras

3 hours Workshop

Chakras are subtle energy centers in the body. Each Centre is responsible for the functioning of certain organs, glands, emotions, thoughts.  When we have an imbalance in our life, let it be physical, emotional or mental it is useful to know which Centre it is connected to, as we can take steps to bring ourselves back to balance. This workshop gives us a basic understanding of the Chakra system, gives useful tips on how to balance them in our day-to-day life. Suitable for beginners.



Balancing the Elements

3 hours Workshop

An Ayurvedic workshop for establishing your unique constitution of the elements, your Dosha. According to Ayurveda everything in, and around us, is made up of 5 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. The proportion of these elements vary in people, seasons, life cycles, times of the day. Knowledge of these helps us to have a balanced life. This workshop gives us a basic understanding of the Dosha system and gives useful tips on how to balance them in our day-to-day life. Suitable for beginners.




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Yin Yoga with Bach Flowers

3 hours Workshop

Yin Yoga is a slow paced practice, where poses are held for several minutes at a time. It is designed to target the deeper connective tissues and fascia, restoring length and elasticity, resulting in deep relaxation.

The Bach Flower Remedies are a safe and natural method of healing system. The flower remedies gently restore the balance between mind and body by neutralizing our reactions to negative emotions. This workshop combines these two healing systems together for emotional balance. Suitable for beginners

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Bach Flowers
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Yoga Nidra

2 hours Workshop

Yoga Nidra, also known as the

Yogic Sleep, is a state of deep relaxation where the body is completely relaxed yet the mind is wide awake and we become aware of our inner world.

It is the most powerful tool in the Yogic practices to calm the mind, to remove obstacles of negative thoughts and

behavior patterns, to bring clarity and to realign with our true path (Dharma) in life.

Suitable for beginners

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With any questions please contact Dora on 07496404677 or click here to e-mail.

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