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Yoga for Your Spine Workshop - 3 hours 


Do you suffer from a sore back on a daily basis or occasionally? Are you an active person who would like to learn how to keep your spine strong and flexible to keep doing what you love like running, cycling or any other activity for a long time?

A strong and flexible spine is essential to our well-being and vitality. Our sedentary lifestyle, such as sitting at the computer, driving to and from work and relaxing on the couch, can weaken our backs, contributing to poor posture. Ligaments and tendons shorten over time causing tension and compression in the spine that further contribute to a weak and painful back and shoulders. Factors like stress and trauma can have an effect on our spine, and so can do food we eat.

This 3-hours small group workshop is designed to help you understand the causes of back pain and to learn Yoga stretches and postures that will help you develop a healthier and stronger back.

In this workshop we will learn the following:

• Understanding the causes of back pain - and how to avoid them
• How poor posture contributes to back pain - and how to improve our posture

• How to bend forward and backward in a way that does not hurt our back or neck

• Building a strong lower back and core to stabilize our spine
• Decreasing tension form lower back, spine and shoulders with relaxation techniques

• Practicing simple poses and exercises to strengthen and stretch our back, getting relief from pain almost immediately

• Taking steps to prevent re-injuring ourselves
• We will learn a short (16 minutes) sequence. You will receive a video recording of this sequence to be able to practice at home as well, to be on the way to a strong and healthy spine

This is not a regular Yoga class. It is an interactive seminar where we will combine physical postures, gentle stretches, relaxation as well as discussing all the contributing factors to back pain. If you had enough of living in pain and would like to change your back hurting 'being the norm' come and join us!

Date & Time: coming soon in Spring 2023
Location: Akasha Spa Welton & Online on Zoom

Suitable for beginners
Let me know that you are interested in this workshop if there is no fixed date set at the moment! Please contact Dora on 07496404677 or by e-mail

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