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What is Ayurveda?


Ayurveda is widely called the sister science of Yoga. Essentially it is a science of Self knowledge and understanding our environment. Connecting our inner world and outer world together to restore balance. 

According to Ayurveda everything consists of the 5 elements: EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR & ETHER. The proportion of these elements vary from person to person, season to season, life cycle to life cycle - everything. This proportion within a person is what is known as Ayurvedic constitution.

By understanding your own unique nature or constitution, you can begin to understand how you interact with your environment and thus make choices that will lead you toward greater health.


Ayurveda defines disease as the natural end result of living out of harmony with one’s constitution. Our constitution is the inherent balance of energies within our bodies and our minds. It describes who you are on the most fundamental level. This unique balance of energy determines everything from our bone structure to our predisposition toward certain health challenges.


Our constitution defines what we are naturally attracted to as well as what repels us. It defines what is in harmony with our nature and what will cause us to move out of balance and experience sickness and disease.

Because we all have a different balance of energy, Ayurveda shows that the path to optimal health is different for each person depending upon their constitution. The science of understanding our nature or our constitution is the science of Tridosha. Tridosha

defines the three fundamental energies or principles which govern the function of our bodies on the physical and emotional level. The three energies are known as VATA, PITTA, and KAPHA. Each

individual has a unique balance of all three of these energies.


Some people will be predominant in one while others are a mixture of two or more. On the most fundamental level, pitta is our metabolism, kapha is our structure, and vata is the mobility that brings action and life into creation. 


Without all three energies, we simply could not exist.


By understanding our Dosha, we can create a customized Ayurvedic lifestyle based on who we are.


Nutrition, yoga/exercise, daily routine, stress management, pranayama and meditation are all

folded in as disease prevention. In addition, Ayurvedic therapies, herbs, and lifestyle changes will help unravel any current imbalances. They all work together to prevent us from getting sick. 


My students will learn what is their individual constitution and what is the best diet, form of exercise, mediation for them. They will learn how to stay in harmony with the energies of the seasons and times of the day.


The Ayurvedic approach is included in both Yoga and Yoga Therapy sessions as it is

a fundamental instrument in finding our balance.

Take the Ayurvedic Dosha Quiz here to find out your unique proportion of the elements!

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