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What is your Ayurvedic Constitution?

When we are born, our individual blend of the 5 elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether - is born as well. This proportion is unique to us and does not change in our lifetime, the same way as our eye colour or certain personality traits are permanent.

This is our Ayurvedic Dosha Constitution. We may develop imbalances compared to our Constitution but that would be our Ayurvedic Dosha Imbalance.  

This Dosha questionnaire gathers information about your Constitution - your basic nature! The way you were as a child/young adult or the basic patterns  that have been true most of your life. If you developed an illness in childhood or as an adult, think of how things were for you before that illness. Think in general life, rather than your current circumstances.

For example if you are a new parent and hardly sleeping, that would effect your sleep pattern currently, but it may not have been the case in your childhood. Or if you have gained weight after your 40s but were slim most of your life, 'thin and slender' would be your type rather than medium built. Ask a family member or a friend to help you if you are feeling unsure!

As a result of the test you will find out the percentages of the Doshas in yourself (please note that a questionnaire can never give 100% accuracy, only an Ayurvedic doctor can, but it is a pretty good guideline). To interpret these results, there are 10 different Dosha Constitutions. Any results above 30% in the test means that that Dosha is part of your constitution. The 10 Dosha Constitutions are:


Vata; Pittta; Kapha; Vata-Pitta; Vata-Kapha; Pitta-Vata; Pitta-Kapha; Kapha-Vata; Kapha-Pitta; Tridoshic (where the Doshas are equal in percentage)

As an example, your results are:

Pitta Dosha 45%

Kapha Dosha 35%

Vata Dosha 20%

Your Dosha Constitution is Pitta-Kapha, with Pitta being dominant with 45% and Kapha being secondary with 35%. This means that Pitta and Kapha characteristics will be mixed in you, with Pitta being dominant. The elements that are in abundance in yourself are Fire, Water and Earth. Keeping them in balance is the key to stay in good health. 

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