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Yoga with Dora   
Student Health Form 

Please complete the form below to be able to participate in classes/workshops. This is both to help you get the most benefit out of your practice, while also ensuring your safety and my compliance with the insurance policy.
All data received will be treated confidentially and in accordance with the Data Protection Guidelines. 
For my full Privacy and Data Protection Policy
please click here
For ONLINE classes - as always, I will make your safety my absolute priority but as I will not be able to see you fully in person it is even more important that you listen to your body. Please ensure a safe environment around you and ease in your postures.
It is also essential to inform me of any health concerns before the classes.
What are you aiming for now to achieve with your Yoga practice? You can choose as many as you wish:
Consent to the disclaimer: I participate at my own risk in the yoga classes with Dora Longman and I take full responsibility for my body. According to my doctor I am physically fit to participate in the yoga classes. I release Dora Longman of any future legal liabilities resulting from the yoga sessions. I have read and consent to the Privacy Policy of Dora Longman / Yoga with Dora.

Thank you for filling out the health & consent form, see you on the mat!

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