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Vata Dosha

Vata Dosha is made up of the AIR and ETHER elements, meaning that these elements are present in a larger proportion in people, season, life cycle, with Vata Dosha type.


To make things simple, qualities of AIR and ETHER are those which are similar to these actual elements. Vata is very much like the wind - it is light, cool, dry, rough, clear, subtle and mobile. It is the energy of MOVEMENT.

In the body, those people with a Vata nature experience more of these qualities. Their bodies tend to be light, their bones thin, and their skin and hair dry. They often move and speak quickly. When out of balance, they may lose weight, become constipated and have weakness in their immune and nervous systems.

These qualities also reflect in their personality. Those with a Vata nature tend to be talkative,

enthusiastic, creative, flexible, and energetic. Yet, when out of balance they may also become easily confused and overwhelmed, have difficulty focusing and making decisions and have trouble sleeping.


This becomes more apparent when they are under stress. Emotionally they are challenged by cool emotions like worry, fear, and anxiety.


In order to bring balance to Vata, programs are designed which emphasize the opposing qualities of warmth, heaviness (nourishment), moistness, and stability. In the diet, this is reflected in the

consumption of cooked grains such as rice and cooked vegetables, as well as the intake of warm milk with spices.


Pungent herbs like ginger which increase internal heat and nourishing herbs like

ashwagandha bring balance to Vata. Ayurvedic programs include not only herbs and diet but also color and aroma therapies, detoxification, yoga, and meditation.

Vata in Balance is

  • energetic and vivacious

  • learns easily

  • clear and alert mind

  • falls asleep easily at bedtime

  • balanced digestion and elimination

  • good circulation and even body temperature

Vata out of Balance is

  • tired and/or fatigued

  • lack of focus or forgetful

  • spaced out or scattered

  • difficulty falling asleep

  • occasional constipation

  • can feel cold physically

  • poor circulation - cold hands and feet

  • feelings of anxiousness or worry

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