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Balancing the Chakras Workshop - 3 hours

Getting to know the subtle energy centers in the body, 
the areas they effect in our lives, techniques to balance them for optimal emotional well-being.


What is a Chakra? Chakras are subtle energy centers in the body. We identify 7 major Chakras in the yogic system. These seven are the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras.


Each Chakra is responsible for the functioning of certain organs, glands, emotions, thoughts. They are connected to subtle sounds, Mantras, colors, physical points in the body. When we have an imbalance in our life, let it be physical, emotional or mental it is useful to know which Chakra it is connected to, as we can take steps to bring ourselves back to balance. This workshop gives us a basic understanding of the Chakra system, gives useful tips on how to balance the Chakras in our day-to-day life.

For example, if we are afraid to speak up our truth and keep swallowing it this can manifest as an imbalance in our Throat Chakra eventually. This center is connected to clear communication, expressing ourselves freely, speaking the truth and speaking positively. Our symptoms could be reoccurring throat aches, constant clearing of the throat. By clearing blockages in the center will clear up the physical center as well. Now this does not mean that every throat ache is a blockage in the Throat Chakra, just an example of how subtle energies can cause physical symptoms as well.


Suggested workshop schedule:

- Balancing the Chakras practice - 75 min

- Short tea break - 15 min

- Discussion about the Chakras - 75 min

- Filling out the Chakra Questionnaire, getting more in touch with which of our Chakras are imbalanced at the moment - 15 min

Date & Time: coming soon in Spring 2023
Location: Akasha Spa Welton & Online on Zoom
Suitable for beginners
Let me know that you are interested in this workshop if there is no fixed date set at the moment! Please contact Dora on 07496404677 or by e-mail

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