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New Moon Wishes - Taurus

The New Moon is the time to set your intentions for the month ahead. By getting clear on what you want, you will effectively be sending out arrows of desire that cannot help but start to manifest. For detailed tips on New Moon wishing you can read more by clicking on this link.

The fifth NEW MOON of the year is on Wednesday, 8th May - 4.22 am GMT and it is a Taurus New Moon. Remember the best time for your wish is within 8 hours afterwards the lunation, but anything within 48 hours is still charged with the New Moon energy.

This new moon is a fun one! The bull, the Taurus, is all about pleasure, having fun, and earthly possessions. The luxuries in life. It revolves around comfort and contentedness. We might look around us to see where we have been complicating our lives by our love-hate attraction to predicament and conflict. When was the last time we felt truly content and comfortable? Considering our personal needs and wants is not over-indulgent or selfish unless we take it too far. As well, knowing what it is that makes us feel comfortable and pleased improves our intimate relationships.

Taurus is the luxury energy. The one who likes to have a good life. The dolce vita.

It is a very good time to wish for financial abundance and all the material things you really want. Love and pamper yourself a little bit extra this 2 week period, you deserve it!

The NEW MOON is about new beginnings - set out your intention to connect to your true self. If you look at the Zodiac wheel, we are looking at 12 areas of our lives. The full moon / new moon that triggers us, is generally the area where we either have some healing to do, or in the case of the new moon, some manifesting to do.

What are you planning on putting into motion for this NEW MOON?

These areas are connected to the New Moon in Taurus energy, and any wish connected to them will be extra supported:

  • enjoy life’s simple and physical pleasures, savour good food, enjoy activities that bring you in touch with nature and your body

  • take the time to cultivate patience and to "stop and smell the roses" (I do envy the Taurus's talent for this)

  • re-evaluate your relationship with money and possessions and discover what it is that truly makes you happy and fulfilled

  • dream up new ways of increasing your income or earning power;

  • concentrate on beautifying and pampering your home, garden, and…yourself;

  • become more aware of your personal needs and wants, as well as your values.

  • heighten your sensitivity to the world of the five senses

  • take care of your physical environment

  • notice the security you gain from the solid ground

  • feel a sense of value and worthiness

  • financial issues come into focus, set realistic financial goals, budgets and other sensible financial planning projects

  • wonderful time for taking moments to enjoy yourself through earthy, tactile, and comforting endeavors

  • key words: money, possessions, material assets, values, feelings, attitude towards security, partners, how money and possessions are acquired, how they are used, emotional and financial security, personal values and principles.

  • key areas: home trade, money market, banks and financial institutions, national wealth

  • Taurus is connected to the neck, throat, thyroid gland, larynx, chin, lower jaw, ears, tongue, vocal chords, jugular vein, tonsils

Yasmin Boland (Moonology) suggests the following action plans for the Aries New Moon:

◗ 1. Make a financial plan

One of the most obvious, and perhaps helpful, things to do at the time of the New Moon in Taurus is to take a long hard look at your financial situation. Cash, property and possessions are all in focus at this time of the year. Money is really not a dirty word, unless you make it one, so have a think about where you stand financially now, versus where you’d like to be by the end of the year. Can you increase the amount of money that you set aside as savings each week?

◗ 2. Love yourself

One of the big issues to work on around this time is your self-worth. Think about what you value in yourself and what you value at large. If you don’t value yourself, it stands to reason that other people are unlikely to do so either. Make a list of the top 5 things you value most. Are you living your life in a way that allows you to focus on these things? If not, what can you do about it? Tip: the answer is not ‘nothing’.

◗ 3. Be sensual

This is also a wonderful time to relax, if you can. Taurus may be a charging bull at times but the energy equally relates to the contented bull in the field, chewing the cud and enjoying the warm sun on its back. Use the New Moon in Taurus to take a look around your life. Ask yourself: ‘What would make my life better?’ Can you find a way to allow some creature comforts into your life? The Taurus New Moon is also sensual, so use this month to titillate yourself and your senses. Have a massage. Eat well. Sleep late. Taurus is about feeling good in your body. It’s about delicious physical pleasures and sensations, including taste, touch and smell.

◗ 4. Character check

Are you being too stubborn or too lazy? These are very reasonable questions to ask once a year, and the New Moon in the often stubborn and lazy Taurus is a wonderful time to do it. Or perhaps you aren’t being lazy enough? See point 3.

◗ 5. Persevere

The flip side of point 4 is that even though the Taurus energy can be a tad indolent (and remember, we all have Taurus in our chart somewhere), it’s also patient and earthy. Whatever you’re working on right now, be it in your personal or professional life, this New Moon comes as a sign to you to wind things down a little, and to move slowly and surely towards your goals. Perseverance is the name of the game this month. Be dependable, too.

Enjoy your manifesting with the moon

Love Dora

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