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Welcome to your Moon journey!


The NEW MOON is a perfect time to inhale, to receive, to start something new.

It's all about manifesting what we want to appear in our lives. Have fun with it!

The NEW MOON is the time to set your intentions for the month ahead. By getting clear on what you want, you will effectively be sending out arrows of desire that cannot help but start to manifest. You can start to create changes on any area of your life or use the specific energy of the moon. Here is a little summary of the areas supported by each sign:


Aries - Courage to live your dreams

Taurus - Money, money, money

Gemini - Better communication

Cancer - Happier home life

Leo - Confidence in yourself

Virgo - Increased organisation, Daily habits

Libra - Better love life

Scorpio - Better sex life, Facing your shadows

Sagittarius - Study and Adventures

Capricorn - Career and Ambitions

Aquarius - Friends and Freedom

Pisces - Connection to the Divine, Spirituality

 A few simple guide lines on New Moon manifestations:

1. Make the wishes handwritten - this implies to all of your intentions actually, there seems to be a magical energy when you put your goals/intentions to paper (you can use any wish or use the help of the specific energy for each month) - write down 1 to 10 wishes

2. Make you wish after the exact time of the New Moon, or up to 8 hours after (but maximum 48 hours after)

3. Write down your wish in as much detail as you can, but don't worry about the 'how', leave that up to the Universe


4. Make your wish positive and clear (Yoga Nidra Sankalpha practices will come in handy here :-))


5. Tap into how it would feel to have the wish as already true. Really go into this, feeling your wish as your reality.


6. Make sure to add that you would like your wish come true 'the best possible way for all involved'

7. Keep repeating your wishes every New Moon as some Moon energies may be more potent for your wish than others (see summary above for which New Moon is connected to which specific area of our lives more) and revisit each month to check if your wish came through. If yes, thank the Universe. If not, revise them. How do you feel when you feel them as already coming true? Are you excited, anxious, or indifferent? Is it just an item on your list to make up your list but there is no real feeling attached to it? Are you too afraid of it coming true and you are blocking it? You may not believe that you deserve it?

Watch this short video introducing New Moon wishing (4.5 minutes)

Practice with this short video to get into the high energy that puts you in the best place to start your New Moon wishing (15 minutes)

When you have a bit more time why not try this full 75 minutes Yoga class to really get serious about New Moon wishing (75 minutes)

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