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New Moon Wishes - Aries

The New Moon is the time to set your intentions for the month ahead. By getting clear on what you want, you will effectively be sending out arrows of desire that cannot help but start to manifest. The best time for your wish is within 8 hours afterwards the lunation, but anything within 48 hours is still charged with the New Moon energy. For detailed tips on New Moon wishing you can read more by clicking on this link.

Next up is the Aries New Moon. This new moon is a big one, as ARIES is the first of the 12 signs of the zodiac, it represents a new beginning! Aries's is where we first show ourselves to the world. It is a time to draw from our inner strength, to rely on our intuition, to depend on ourselves and show our personal integrity and confidence constructively. Focusing less on what others think we should do and focusing more on our own inner guidance.

If you are new to New Moon wishing, this month is the perfect time to start and as you follow through the whole year, you will cover every aspect of your life.

The NEW MOON is about new beginnings - set out your intention to connect to your true self. As mentioned above, Aries carries this new beginnings energy as well, so here you have a chance to gather the courage to live your dreams and start with a clean slate! Anything is possible.

If you look at the Zodiac wheel, we are looking at 12 areas of our lives. The full moon / new moon that triggers us, is generally the area where we either have some healing to do, or in the case of the new moon, some manifesting to do. We are actually getting ready for some big changes in our family this Aries new moon, as hopefully selling our house where we lived for the last 7 years and starting a new chapter of our lives. Fingers crossed here! What should our new life look like? What better time to ponder on that than the Aries new moon?!

What are you planning on putting into motion for this NEW MOON?

Work with the areas that are connected to the New Moon in Aries energy, as any wish connected to them will be extra supported:

  • excellent time to commit to personal goals that express positive energies

  • the identity

  • appearance, physical characteristics that others see first

  • changing to healthy habits

  • health and well-being, the physical body

  • vitality, attitude and temperament

  • the way you look upon the world

  • self-image, outer personality, disposition

  • how you present yourself to others

  • focus on changing personal habits in such a way as to improve your confidence in yourself

  • putting your best foot forward, as this is a time when you will get noticed and make a personal impression on others

  • acting on your impulses and believing in yourself

  • time when you can be brave and enjoy new experiences

  • take action

  • try something new and innovative, and go at it with confidence

  • be assertive without being abrasive

  • take charge of your life

  • take a risk

  • discover the benefits of expressing yourself with authenticity — express yourself as you are

  • find ways to learn how to rely on yourself and to be happy about doing so

  • break the routine and that involve doing something new and fresh

  • discover your own personal courage

  • start a brand new project

  • Aries is connected to the head, brain, eyes, face, muscles, pineal gland and general health

Yasmin Boland (Moonology) suggests the following action plans for the Aries New Moon:

1. 1. Take action

The New Moon in Aries marks the start of the New Moon cycle, since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. The time for dreaming is over and the time to take action has come. You have a clean slate when it comes to making your New Moon wishes: if you’ve been lax about doing them, this is the time to get back on board.

◗ 2. Make a 12-month plan

This a wonderful time to make a plan for the year ahead. If you’re attached, do one plan for yourself and another for you and your partner as a couple. Doing one for work won’t hurt either! Aries energy is really impulsive, so you might think it’s too high energetically right now to make plans, but with a bit of discipline, anything is possible! The fiery, enthusiastic Aries energy is great for infusing your plans with drive and determination!

◗3. Be courageous

If you’ve been too timid and need courage to move forwards with whatever you’re facing, include that in your wish list. Aries is connected to brave Mars, and the energies around the Aries New Moon reflect this. Decide that you can be bolder in life – and then work on it! Aries isn’t so much bold as willing to just bowl into anything and everything, without being overly cautious about the results. If you could use a bit more of this impetuousness in your life, now is the time to incorporate it.

◗4. Have some fun!

Are you having enough fun? Being spontaneous often enough? Think about it and if the answer is ‘no’, then determine that over the coming weeks, you will make more time for fun. Aries is the child of the zodiac and now is a good time to remind yourself to connect with your inner child.

◗5. Focus on you

This is also a time for some focus on yourself and what you need – where you’re going and so on. If you give yourself, your wardrobe and your website just one makeover a year, do it now. Aries is traditionally the ‘starting’ sign, not least because it’s the child of the zodiac: it’s filled with vim and vigour as it prepares to bust out of the starting gate, and it’s not going to worry about going too fast. It just ‘does’. Action stations!

Enjoy your manifesting with the moon

Love Dora

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