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How long should we meditate for?

We all heard that meditation is amazing for us. It is for the mind what exercise is for the body.

So we got the message, we are going to meditate. Daily. Now the next question is, how long should we meditate for? My personal response is, as long as you can. Don't put any limitations on yourself, if you are new to meditation start slow and enjoy it.

Now, if you are getting serious in your practice Yoga masters have worked out certain time periods and their specific effects:

3 minutes - will positively affect the electromagnetic field, the circulation and stability of blood chemistry

11 minutes - will positively affect our nervous system and glandular system

22 minutes - will balance the Negative, Positive and Neutral minds (read more about them in this blog post) as they start to work together so our mental integration changes

31 minutes - will trigger the glands, breath, and concentration to affect all the cells and rhythms of the body and deeply affect all layers of our minds

62 minutes - will bring changes to the gray matter in the brain, effecting our nervous system on a deep and long-lasting level. The subconscious 'shadow mind' and our positive projection will be integrated

2.5 hours - some meditations can be practiced for as long as 2.5 hours! These lengthy meditations will effect the subconscious mind dumping its negative impressions and will align with the expansive and uplifting experience of our core spiritual identity.

Of course the most benefit will come from a regular practice. Start where you feel comfortable, than build from there. It may take some time before you notice the difference, just try to have patience and enjoy your practice!



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