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Meditation for Physical Healing

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Vata season has arrived! You know what this means...the 'this hurts, that hurts' season has started. Why is that? Vata season (October to December in the Northern Hemisphere) is governed by the elements of Air and Ether. When these elements are in excess they dry the body out, stiffen the joints, mess with our sleep and of course the mind can get unsettled as well.

The mediation I have brought to you today is a Kundalini meditation originally taught by Yogi Bhajan to heal the physical body. The previous meditation blog post Meditation for Healing the Self was more an emotional healing, while this meditation helps with physical healing.


The posture for this meditation is to sit in a crossed legged position on the floor or to sit on a chair. Elongate the spine and keep it straight to allow for the energy to flow freely. Keep your eyes closed and focus on the area between the eyebrows (the 3rd eye point).

MUDRA (Hand position)

Bring your arms by yours sides at a 45-degree angle, elbows close to the ribs, you can have them a bit closer than I have on the picture. The palms are facing upwards with the fingers close together. Allow the healing energy to flow through your hands as you receive it and allow it to move on to the area of the body that you would like to heal.

MANTRA (Chanting)

Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung. The vibration of the mantra brings physical healing as the sound current combines energy from the Earth elements and Ether to heal and bring balance to your inner self.

As mentioned in previous posts, the duration of the meditations can be anywhere from 3-5-7-11-22-31 minutes. If you are not used to meditating, start with 3 minutes and work up to at least 11 minutes, where deep changes happen. In the Kundalini tradition a Kriya/meditation is practiced for 40 consecutive days, don't worry about this, just start and see how you feel, you may want to continue once you started. After the meditation is finished sit for a couple of minutes in silence and observe.

My personal favorite cover of the mantra is by Madhur-Nain - Healing Meditation but you can find your own favorite version by searching for the Ra Ma Da Sa (Sa Say So Hang) mantra on Google/Spotify/iTunes

Let the healing commence!



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