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Beat the Blue Monday with short Guided Meditations

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Apparently the third Monday in January is called Blue Monday. It is far enough from the Christmas festivities and the New Year resolutions to come down from the high. Spring is in the very distant future still. So we get down, we had enough. We want to have some fun! We want to explore and have some excitement in our lives.

Well, this year, we are quite limited in our choices to explore and have adventures. We could even say, we don't actually have any.

I love the saying 'When nothing goes right, go left'. If you can not go anywhere in the physical reality than let's explore the beautiful places our mind can take us.

My mission in 2021: Mission Daily Meditation!

If you are new to meditation, guided meditations are a good start. Here is a collection from some of my favorite teachers, with varying times (anything from 4 minutes to 20 minutes). Take a pick and let me know who speaks to you? Who is YOUR guide to meditate? If you have any favorites yourself, please share with us. Let's go on this journey, that we are allowed to go on, and let it take us to the most magical of places.

It's the things we do every day that counts the most.

Start small and then build your practice up!

My mission is to meditate daily for 31 minutes in 2021.



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