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The Negative, Positive and Neutral Mind. Which one are you operating from?

According to Kundalini Yoga we have three mental bodies. The Negative Mind, The Positive Mind and the Neutral Mind. Let's look into their meaning.

The Negative Mind is our protector.

This mind's job is to keep us safe, to prepare us for all eventualities. It is constantly on the look out for risks that can be heading our way.

For example let's say you are off to a holiday. If you are operating from the Negative Mind you will take out extra insurance, you would have just a bit of extra cash for emergencies.

If you have checked in luggage you will put a change of clothing in your carry on luggage in case your suitcase gets lost. You got the jest of it, you are prepared for everything than can go wrong, but still believe that things can get even worse.

As you can see operating from the Negative Mind is a miserable place to be in. This is where we get anxious, depressed and just manifest negative things in our lives - just to prove that life is hard, we were right to think so. The mantra of the negative mind is 'What could go wrong?'

The negative mind is a wonderful one to keep us safe, be it can be over triggered after trauma or prolonged stress, when the mind is unable to switch to the positive or neutral minds.

You can read more about the Negative Mind here:

The Positive Mind is our manifestor.

This mind is all about opportunities, looking for things that can go right, it shows the light for us. You are full of optimism, joy and ready to take life on.

In the example of the holiday, you decide not to take on any car insurance, as nothing can go wrong. You do not book a hotel in advance as you are convinced you will get the best deal just turning up. You see the world through rose coloured glasses.

Operating from the Positive Mind can be fun. The only pit fall is that as we know life does happen, and if you are not prepared for it and always hope for the best you may end up hurting yourself or others. The mantra of the positive mind is 'What can go right?'

You can read more about the Positive Mind here:

The Neutral Mind is our meditative mind.

This mind is otherwise known as the Yogic mind, as it strives for balance and objectivity. It observes and weighs up what the Neutral and Positive mind gathers in information and makes a compassionate, objective, balanced decision. This is where we are not involved in the circus, just observe what is happening like an outsider, and then choose the best possible path. The mantra of the neutral mind is 'It is what it is'.

Ways to strengthen the Neutral Mind - mediation, Yoga, concentration practices

You can read more about the Neutral Mind here:

Well, I know which mind I am striving to operate from, how about you?



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