Drishti - the Focus of our Gaze

What do I actually mean when I say 'keep your gaze on your big toes' in Seated Forward Bend posture?

The importance of Drishti, or gaze, is where the eyes are focused on a single point, helping to harness the mind to the breath and the body. We are directing our eyes on one fixed focus point, developing a concentrated intention. The Drishti relates to the 5th limb of Yoga, which is Pratyahara (withdrawal of senses) and the 6th limb, Dharana (concentration). Dristhi can help you draw your outward looking eyes and mind inward, enabling the practice to become a moving meditation.

Each Asana (posture) has it's own Drishti, gazing point, the 9 main direction of focal points are:

- tip of the nose

- spot between the eyebrows

- navel

- hands

- toes

- far to the left

- far to the right

- thumbs

- up to the sky/ceiling

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