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Stages of Consciousness

What are the stages of consciousness?

Stage 1.

You are not conscious of the fact that your subconscious mind is running the show. When things happen in your life, you just 'suffer it', you believe it is all down to luck or faith and you have no say in your outside world. Or the opposite, you try to achieve things, yet you are not getting anywhere. Your conscious mind is pulling one way with 10 horses while your subconscious mind is pulling the other way with 90 horses. We can guess who will win. Yet we are aware none of this, just see that things are not going our way.

Stage 2.

When you realise that what is on the outside is in the inside. That you have actually created your current situation yourself. When we plant a seed 4 things will happen for sure: 1, The seed will bring a fruit (there will be a consequence). 2, The fruit will arrive with a time delay (it could be a day, a month, or years). 3, The fruit will be the seed that we have planted (so an apple tree won't bear bananas). Finally 4, the fruit will be more than the seed (as in it will grow/multiply). So is the cycle of Karma, the Wheel of Life, you reap what you sow. At stage 2. you realise that you have actually created your current reality. If your reality is not what you wished for, than your beliefs/values/thoughts alias subconscious mind is on a different page.

Stage 3.

You start the process of releasing things from your subconscious that are holding you back. This may not happen from one day to another, it could take years of continuous practice of self knowledge, Yoga practice, meditation, mantra practices, Yoga Nidra and all kinds of healing practices like energy work/ Kineziology / Bach Flowers / Energy Healing / Aromatherapy / Theta Healing, everyone's journey is different. What is important is the conscious, regular practice of realigning your conscious and your subconscious mind, as in your wishes and your reality.

Stage 4. When the subconscious and the conscious are aligned, it all happens naturally and your life is in harmony! Sounds easy enough?



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