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New vlog - How many bodies do we have?

We all agree that we have a body - the one we usually identify as the Physical Body. We may even take it a step further, and come to the agreement that we have three bodies - the Body, Mind & Soul trinity.

If you have been following me for a while you may even have heard the concept that the Mind in fact consists of 3 bodies - the Positive Mind, the Negative Mind and the Neutral Mind. If this intrigues you read the previous blog post on the 3 Minds here.

What if we go even further and look into the concept that we in fact have 10 BODIES???

According to Kundalini Yoga we have: The Soul Body, Positive Mind, Negative Mind, Neutral Mind, Physical Body, Arcline, Aura, Pranic Body, Subtle Body and the Radiant Body. Listen to the vlog - How many Bodies do we have? (4:41 minutes) - to learn more about them.

Are you intrigued? Now what if I tell you that you get a little bit of a heads up when you are born, which Body to focus on for your maximum benefit?

Listen to the vlog - What's your number? (11:15 minutes) - to learn more about them.

If you have listened to the Vlog, here is a little help how to identify your Soul Number - the number that shows you what your soul came here to experience, your first lesson in life. It is an internal challenge, the connection between the inner and the outer self.

Day of your birth:

1 - Soul Body

2, 20 - Negative Mind

3, 12, 21 - Positive Mind

4, 13, 22, 31 - Neutral Mind

5, 14, 23 - Physical Body

6, 15, 24 - Arcline

7, 16, 25 - Aura

8, 17, 26 - Pranic Body

9, 18, 27 - Subtle Body

10, 19, 28 - Radiant Body

11, 29 Master Number

How about getting familiar with your Karma Number - your second challenge in life. This can be only met after achieving a Soul balance. It is an external challenge, as once you established your Soul's truth you have to hold your truth in the world.

Month of your birth:

January - Soul Body

February - Negative Mind

March, December - Positive Mind

April - Neutral Mind

May - Physical Body

June - Arcline

July - Aura

August - Pranic Body

September - Subtle Body

October - Radiant Body

November - Master Number

If you are like me, you are going to be excited about all of this amazing knowledge and be itching to work with your personal numbers. That is why the time has come for us to start the 10 Bodies Kundalini Course in September 2022.

The course will consist of 10+1 classes, which you can attend in person (Brough Petuaria Centre) or online on Zoom. You can either commit to the whole course, and receive a bonus personalised breakdown of your numbers with meditation and yoga recommendations to balance them, plus a recording of all the 11 classes.

You can also choose to attend a class individually on a drop in basis, without the recordings and the personalised breakdown.

10 Bodies Kundalini Yoga course (suitable for beginners):

14th September - 1. Soul Body

21st September - 2. Negative Mind

28th September - 3. Positive Mind

5th October - 4. Neutral Mind

12th October - 5. Physical Body

2nd November - 6. Arcline

9th November - 7. Aura

16th November - 8. Pranic Body

23rd November - 9. Subtle Body

30th November - 10. Radiant Body

7th December - 11. Master Number

Who is joining me? So excited to share this journey with you my lovely students!

Love and Gratitude


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