Do numbers have energies?

I am a numbers person. I admit. Math was by far my favorite subject in school. As I prodded along on my spiritual journey of course I got excited about Numerology. The good news is, if you are not into numbers, it is still quite fascinating.

The short answer to the question in the title is: YES. According to numerology, every number has a certain energy from 1-9. Are you curious what these are? Let's get on then.

1 - The Start. Beginnings. Leadership. Innovation. The Ego. Independence. Masculinity. The Yang.

2 - Duality starts here. Nurturing. Cooperation. Balance. Diplomacy. Peacemaking. Femininity. The Yin to the Yang.

3 - Self expression. Creativity. Communication.Social awareness. Sensitivity.

4 - Stability. Planning ahead. Reality. Logic. Order. Practicality. Discipline. Reliability.

5 - The Center. The Channel through. Freedom. Change. Adaptability. Versatility. Travel.

6 - 6th sense. Beauty. Family. Caring. Love. Protective. Community orientation.

7- Boundaries. Analysis. Knowledge. Understanding. Wisdom. Introspection. Spirituality.

8 - Abundance. Material satisfaction. Power. Ambition. Giving and receiving. Authority.

9 - Completion. Compassion. Humanitarian. Selfless. Idealist. Universal love.