Running Yogi

You run? Yepp. I am a 43 years old well padded Yogini (female Yogi) and I run.

Why? Because I love it, plus I am a Pitta constitution (fiery person) with a slight Kapha imbalance (excess of earth and water elements, hence the extra weight) who needs the cardio aspect of the run to move the earth element in my body.

Do you have any aches and pains? Nope, because I like to think I run consciously, incorporating these simple guidelines:

1. THE SHOES. Obviously. Luckily enough Yorkshire is a running county and I just made the appointment in a specialized running shop where a lovely knowledgeable gentleman fitted me out with a perfectly fitting albeit expensive running shoe. I know, you have to bite the bullet with this one, still cheaper than a knee replacement.

2. I WARM UP. About 3 minutes of Yoga stretches followed by at least 2 minutes of walking.

3. I run with BREATH AWARENESS. Inhaling and exhaling through my nose, if a bit over heated exhaling through the mouth but always aware of my breath and as soon as it gets labored I switch to walking until my breath calms down. Now this is not the same as my heart rate going down because I can have a perfectly stable and relaxed breath even when my heart rate is up in the cardio range, but making sure that as soon the breath is 'going'