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The Nectar Hours

The Nectar Hours, otherwise known as Ambrosial hours or Amrit Vela, are defined as the 3 hours before sunrise. At the time I am writing this blog, it is spring in the United Kingdom, with sunrises around 6:00 am in the morning. The ambrosial hours in this case would be from 3:00-6:00 am approximately.

This is the time where there is an abundance of Prana (life force) in the atmosphere, and we can drink that in as a nectar if we choose to.

It is a very special, silent and personal time with the Universe, that is much more difficult to recreate once the world begins its busy, noisy day. It is the only time to take real power from the Universe.

Now why would you wake up so early? Because rising at this time of the day and spending some time reflecting, moving gently, meditating, journaling would be like doing it for the whole day! Yes, the energy is so magnified at this time of the day, that anything you do at this time is multiplied.

It's like arriving to the party just in time, before things get into their swing, and being all connected. I remember once we went on holiday with another family and we arrived a day later. We used to go on holidays together regularly and loved how our families just synced naturally. Not on this holiday! When we wanted to chill by the beach, they were ready for an excursion. When we had enough rest and were ready to explore, they wanted a day by the pool. Just one day made us go out of sync. That is how it feels when you wake up way after the sun has woken up. You missed the party, and when you wake up everyone has already bonded, and you are like 'where am I'?

If 3:00 am is way out of your comfort zone (it definitely is from mine), dawn is around 70-75 minutes before sunrise, thus the perfect time for our morning practice.

My personal morning practice (Sadhana) starts at 5:00 am in the morning (awakening naturally, without an alarm clock) - in the Spring this gives me around an hour in the nectar hours, in winter more like 1.5 hours as the sun wakes later.

My practice changes regularly, based on where I need to put in more energy, but it generally includes these elements and lasts about 75 minutes + dog walk:

- Tuning in to the day with Mantra,

- 11 minutes meditation with my soul sisters (will write about this more one day)

- Gratitude (either written down or in my head)

- Breathing practices (cleansing breaths and Pranayama)

- Movement (dancing/yoga)

- Meditating (3-31 minutes)

- Early morning dog walk before breakfast.

One of my favorite things to do when visiting my parents in Spain is to go for a run by sea just before sunrise and run into the sun as it awakens. Magical. That moment can fill me up for a whole year.

With love and light


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