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Find your Tribe!

You are the summary of the 5 closest person around you. We humans are chameleons, adapting to our surroundings. The people we surround ourselves with play a big part in how we are shaped on a daily basis. If we have negative, unsupportive people around us, who are tearing us down rather than building us up, we are not going to go very far despite our best efforts. On the other hand, if we surround ourselves with uplifting, positive energy people our job is so much easier.

When we moved to the UK in 2015 we settled quickly into daily activities, schools, jobs, all the practical aspects of life. But one area of my life proved a little bit more challenging than the rest. Friendships were always a very important part of my life, so thankful for all the wonderful friends I have around the world. But here I was, in the North of England, in beautiful Yorkshire, and was missing my tribe. Big time. Bouncing off each other, lifting each other up, giving loving advice, just being there for each other. I had a friend shaped hole in my heart.

Then, in just a split second it all changed. I went to the Om Yoga Show in Manchester and started chatting with a lady who was selling healing stones. She asked me what area of my life would I like to improve. My immediate response was 'I would like to find my friend in this part of the world too'. She kindly gave me a stone to carry with me and to send out the intention to the Universe that I wish to find my true friend.

Fast forward a month, I was attending the Hull Yoga Festival in Hessle. I only had time to go for an hour and choose to attend a Chakra workshop. When I came to the area where people were gathering I immediately noticed this lady, I was drawn to her energy. So I put my mat next to her. We started the workshop and we had to work in PAIRS! She became my pair, funnily enough. When we finished the practice, she said something to me, and an enormous smile spread on my face. I know that accent. I recognise that accent anywhere in the world. So I asked her, any chance you speak Hungarian? And that was it, we have been best friends since. Through my friend I met more friends and we connected instantly. I found my tribe! Yet again. I had my circle of support. My beautiful, like minded, strong, compassionate, amazing group of girls.

This is how we party:

After finding my personal tribe I set off to build my Yoga tribe. I am so blessed to be doing what I love on a daily basis and be surrounded with uplifting, open, amazing students who are there to support each other when needed.

My intention now is to build a wider Yoga with Dora Tribe on Facebook with like minded people, where in a closed group setting we can chat to each other, be there to support each other, motivate each other and just be the uplifting energy in each others lives.

Come and join the Tribe on I am planning to bring you lots of surprises, even concurring my fear of live videos and little challenges! Spread the world and bring into our Tribe people you would like to have around you.

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