Recommended to Read: Sharon Gannon - The Magic Ten and Beyond

One of my students recommended this book, and as I have been pracitising the Magic 10 series for a while was very excited to read it and share it with you here.

First of all what is the Magic 10? It is a series of 10 yoga poses recommended to practice daily by Sharon Gannon, the founder of Jivamukti Yoga. The practice can be a stand-alone one or a warm-up preparation for a longer asana practice.

"The Magic Ten moves the spine in all the various ways that the spine can move. For this reason it is an effective, physically therapeutic daily exercise program that keeps the spine limber and the joints mobile as well as toning muscles and internal organs. The practice will also stimulate the endocrine system, instigating a release of natural, feel-good chemicals such a dopamine."- Sharon Gannon

The practice of a daily spiritual exercise, Sadhana in Sanskrit, is an important part of a Yogis/Yoginis life. It helps to guide us from an Ego centered world towards lasting happiness, when the focus is switched from the self to being part of a whole.

This book guides you through a 10 week program, including both the spiritual and physical practices which enables this transformation. Let me give you a short summary here:

In week 1. - the focus is on gratitude - "Complaining actually rewires your brain - the more you complain, the easier it is to complain, and over time you find yourself in a negative spiral. The antidote for the poison of complaining is gratitude."