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Recommended to Read: Emma Mumford - Positively Wealthy

My last recommended to read post was so long ago that you may think I have stopped reading. Well, I am happy to report that it is not the case, my love of reading will hopefully stay with me till I say goodbye.

In fact, quite to opposite of not reading happened, I have finally got around to my longtime wish and joined a Book Club. It is an online one, which I am fine with now, having got used to doing most things online. Especially as it is a book club working through spiritual/self development books, which is my thing if you haven't noticed by now.

The book we are working through this month is Emma Mumford's Positively Wealthy book. Now if you think it is all about money, you are wrong! This book actually takes you on a journey of redefining what wealth actually means to you. Is it money, relationships, time, freedom, life purpose? You got the idea. My Pitta self loves a list and a challenge so this book is a fun format of 33 daily challenges. I listen to the book on audible and each challenge is about 5-15 minutes a day to listen to, than a bit more to actually do the challenge, but it is so worth it!

So what are we in for? Fun things like testing the Universe, changing our perspective, redefining what wealth is to us, what FEAR can be, of course there is a bit of crystal bonanza, forgiveness and all the usual things but packaged in a really relatable fun way. Highly recommend it, and of course there is no rush, we are doing the 33 days in a month in the book club, which is quite intense, but you can follow your own pace for sure.

Let me know what you think



PS: in case you are interested the book club I joined is Francesca Amber's Law of Attraction Changed my Life Book Club.

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