Negativity to Love Kundalini Meditation

I have been a bit quiet lately as have been going through some dark night of the soul period.

Some of us are born with the glass half full, all positive and expecting the best. Some of us are born with the glass half empty, fairly pessimistic and pretty much getting ready for the worst on a regular basis. Unfortunately for me I fall into the latter. Or more specifically moving between highs and lows with extremely high speed (hello Gemini). It is my life's journey to rein this in...Yoga teaches us about balance, neutrality, to have an objective view of life and not to be involved in the circus. I like to think that a lot has changed on my journey on this aspect, but sometimes my reaction to outside circumstances can take me right back to the start.

The following meditation helps me tremendously whenever the darkness engulfs. I did it 5 years ago when we were going through a pretty rough patch in our lives and now it called to me again. I am going to do it for 40 days, as a Kundalini Sadhana (personal meditation practice) as it takes this long for a habit to be fully integrated according to Kundalini Yoga.

The meditation helps to train a negative mind to come back to neutral and from there to love. It's lead by Ramdesh Kaur, a wonderful teacher, personal favorite.

If you struggle with a negative mind I highly recommend it!

First video is the instruction, second is the actual meditation.

1. Instructions:

2. Transforming negativity to Love meditation




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