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Yoga Practice daily for Optimal Hormonal Balance

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

We received this set from my teacher as the daily practice essential for women. When you practice it regularly the endocrine system resets, the hormones start to come to their optimal level. The beautiful balance between strength and flexibility arises. I personally love it, so of course I had to share it with you. It is a Kundalini Yoga practice, a bit different then our usual Hatha Yoga, but we have dipped into it plenty of times in classes by now, so should be familiar.

Here it goes, the daily 5 postures that would get you (or keep you) in optimal hormonal balance:

1. Sit in easy pose on the floor. Bring your hands into a soft fist. Circle your arms above and behind your head, a bit like swimming backwards. Form on 'O' shape with your mouth and breath actively in and out - 3 minutes

2. Sit on your heels. Put your hands interlaced on the top of your head. In the inhalation twist to the left, on the exhalation twist to the right - 1-3 minutes

3. Still sitting on your heels interlace your hands behind. Bow down to the floor on the exhalation and rise up on the inhalation - 3 minutes

4. Kundalini frogs - 13x-27x-54x or 108x Note: in the video I mistakenly say 47 Kundalini frogs...while the daily recommendation is 54x, in the video we are doing 27. You can do anywhere from 13-27-54 all the way up to 108x a day.

5. Laying down on your back extend the arms and the legs away. On the exhalation bring opposite arm and leg together. Inhale release them back on the floor. Exhale repeat on the other side. Start slow and then build up your rhythm - 3-8 minutes.

The 3 minutes per exercise would be the optimal length, but at the beginning start slowly, maybe 1-1 minutes, observe how you feel and build your practice up in time.

Here is a 24 minutes video to get you started, but you can set up your timer and listen to your favorite mantra - or the sound of your breath - as well to shorten the practice to any time you have available:

Enjoy your practice



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