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Give the Gift of Yoga!

Are you still searching for the perfect present to give to your loved one? How about giving the gift of Yoga? Learning to regulate our breath, balance our physical body and focus our mind on what takes us towards love and joy (the motto of the Holidays) surely is the best present we can give.

Available vouchers to purchase:

  • Single 75 minute Private Yoga class (£50)

  • 4x 75 minute Private Yoga classes (£180)

  • 4x 75 minute Group Yoga classes (£32)

How to purchase your voucher?

  1. Choose which option you would like to give

  2. Visit the website by clicking on this link and submit your voucher request (don't forget to make sure you put in your correct email address, ticked the voucher you chose and filled out the To & From in the comment

  3. Wait for your automatic confirmation, which includes the bank account details

  4. Make your payment

  5. Please allow me 48 hours to personalize and send the voucher to you in an e-mail. Bear with me here please, as I do this manually.

See you or your loved one on the mat!

Sending you Love & Joy


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