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Keep Calm and Practice Yoga On-line during Lockdown

We are moving into unprecedented times, as it seems like most of the world is being locked down due to the Corona virus pandemic. It is going to be different for sure. It is probably going to be quite hard. Let's try to find the silver lining in there together.

As per the government's advise physical yoga classes have been stopped from 16th March, but as in this period it is even more important to continue practising, our classes will be moving on-line. I know it is not the same, but it will give us a chance to stay connected to each other and to our yoga practice.

Suggested class schedule weekly during this period:

Mondays 9.30-10.45 am - Morning Dynamic Yoga Class

Mondays 7.30-8.45 pm - Evening Gentle Yoga Class

Thursdays 9.30-10.45 am - Morning Gentle Yoga Class

Thursdays 7.30-8.45 pm - Evening Dynamic Yoga Class

The are two ways to participate in the classes. The first is to join the closed Facebook group Yoga with Dora - Live. Classes will be streamed live here according to the above schedule. The recordings will also stay in the group and can be practiced at a more convenient time too. You can even repeat a class if you found it particularly relevant to you. Second option is to honor the non-Facebookers, and to give more of a class setting, is through Zoom. Here I send you a link with the Meeting ID and password for the class, and voila, you are in. The advantage here is that there is mutual communication, I can see you too. Please contact me if you are interested in the Zoom links and I will send it to you.

Classes are 'Pay as you feel'. If you would like to practice but in a difficult situation at the moment please come along and practice with us to overcome this together. If you can and would like to support me I appreciate that too. Your contribution can be from anywhere to £0-£7/week-£7/class. Payments can be made to Dora Longman sort code : 40-25-59 account number : 90203343 or to Paypal at

If you are new to my classes, or have not participated in a physical class in the last 3 months, you are still more than welcome, just please fill out the on-line registration form to be eligible to participate and to get the best out of your online experience. To fill out the on-line registration form please click here

Let me know if you have any question and hope to see you on the mat!



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