Recommended to Read: Vishen Lakhiani - The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

Well, this is one of those books that you will either love and embrace fully, or just put down after the first few chapters. I was personally captivated by it and lots of the ideas resonate with me. Being a techy person I especially love the interactive features, hours of listening and viewing materials and much more are included with the book.

Here is a brief summary of the book:

Chapter 1. Transcend the Culturescape - we think we may see the world as we choose to, but it is actually fairly predetermined by our upbringing, which part of the world we live in, how do our parents see the world, what kind of experiences we had so far. These beliefs are the ones that shape the colour of our glasses that we see the world through.

Chapter 2. Question the Brules - as in the bull.... rules. Do you still follow rules that may have applied hundreds of years ago but are outdated now? Will you have the courage to question them?

Chapter 3. Practice Conscious Engineering - if you look at the human mind you can see it as your hardware being your Models of Reality - run by your beliefs about yourself and the world and your software is Your System of Living - your daily habits, your daily life. We constantly upgrade our computers, phones, cars yet do we actually look at our beliefs and daily habits and check in if they are in line with where we want to go in life? In this chapter Vishen looks at 12 areas of our lives (love relationships, friendships, adventures, environment, health & fitness, intellectual life, life skills, spiritual life, career, creative life, family life and community life).

Chapter 4. Rewrite your Models of Reality - going back to the hardware, here he goes into how to rewrite your Models of Reality in detail in all 12 areas of our lives.

Chapter 5. Upgrade you Systems for Living - coming back to the software analogue, here he goes into how to update our Systems for Living in all 12 areas of our lives, also recommending sources (further reading) to go deeper in areas we wish to and setting non negotiable set points to keep a benchmark ready for us to know when an area needs an upgrade again.

Chapter 6. Bend R