Recommended to Watch: Jim Kwik - 10 steps to improve your memory

Here is another little gem for you, thoroughly enjoyed listening to it, especially the 'how to remember things on a list' exercise. The video is a bit longer, 23 minutes, but it is worth listening to. Let me list the 10 points below (from memory :-) and add my own thoughts:

1. Brain food - You are what you eat! The foods you eat will either make your mind dull (Tamastic), put it into overdrive (Rajastic) or balance and nourish it (Sattvic).

According to Jim Kwik the best brain foods are: avocado, blueberry, spinach, leafy greens, walnut, broccoli, eggs, salmon, coconut oil, turmeric.

According to Ayurveda how our diet effects our mind:

- Sattvic foods promote purity of mind, peace, intelligence, right decisions - milk, herbal tea, ghee, rice, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, honey, nuts, dhal, being in peace while eating, eating in silence, eating in good company

- Rajastic foods give motivation, keeping as attached to our ego and desires - coffee, black tea, meat, egg, onion, garlic, citrus fruits, spicy foods, chocolate, too much salt, eating too fast, eating while doing something else as well

- Tamastic foods cloud the mind, promote negative emotions - alcohol, fast food, fried food, frozen food, canned food, refined sugars, soda, overeating

2. Squashing the ants - now I am not too happy about this expression, being a Yogi and practising Ahimsa (non-harming) so renamed it to Rewiring the brain. This one is a big one, I keep telling you in class, be aware of the talk in your head, because it can be your best friend or your worst enemy. The whole reason we practice Yoga is to make the mind one-pointed, concentrating on the thoughts we would like to have in our head not allowing them to run away with us. There are plenty of techniques for achieving this, to name a few: in our Yoga practice concentration exercises, meditation, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural therapy), Brain Control, EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), Theta Healing.