Start them young - involving our children in mindfulness

A few of you have asked me what meditations, relaxations I recommend for children and this was music to my ears as I do believe that the earlier you start the better (and the easier)!

Here are my recommendations, what was proven to be a hit with our three children:

Evening stories to read:

Dharmachari Nagaraja - Buddha at bedtime (short bedtime stories based on the teachings of Buddha, with a small question / conclusion to discuss with your child to plant the seed of the teaching deeper)

Dharmachari Nagaraja - The Buddha's apprentice at bedtime - same as Buddha at bedtimes stories, with more stories

Louis Legrand - Meditate like a Superhero (right there in the first chapter we learn the origin of all super powers - the belly breath)

Evening relaxations / guided meditation recordings to listen to:

Christiane Kerr - Enchanted meditations for kids

4 sets of guided relaxations and meditations:

1. Jellyfish/Dolphin

2. Rainbow

3. Butterfly/Enchanted garden