Recommended to Read - Yoga Journal article on Ayurveda by Sahara Rose Ketabi

This is a great article about putting Ayurveda in simple terms (click here to read the article by Sahara Rose Ketabi on Yoga Journal). Summarizing each of the Doshas and their characteristics.

My favorite bit is the 10 Things only a certain Dosha will understand, like

Take a Vata for example:

"1. You change your life's purpose more often than you wash your yoga mat.

2. Eating on a schedule reminds you of being in school - not gonna happen.

3. You don't understand how people get bored.

4. You plan you outfits based on how bloated you're going to be after eating.

5. You use your significant other's legs as a foot warmer.

6. You are pretty much guaranteed to be constipated your entire trip to Europe

7. You never met a creative task you didn't love