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Recommended to Read: Monica Bloom - In Your Elements

If the subject of Ayurveda intrigues you I can highly recommend this very informative yet easy to read book for beginners and seasoned practitioners too.

Monica Bloom's: In Your Elements explains the main characteristics of the Doshas, what their qualities, attributes are. It goes into nutrition, exercise, daily habits for each of the Doshas. It's fun, entertaining and easy to digest.

Chapter 1. - Ayur-View - gives you and overview of Ayurveda philosophy, origin

Chapter 2. - Ground-Rules - what it says, ground rules

Chapter 3. - You-Nique - detailed explanation about the Doshas, personalizing it all for you - Dosha Test

Chapter 4. - In-Balance - how to balance it around our life

Chapter 5. - Life-Time - all about the Dosha and seasons, life cycles, times of the day

Chapter 6. - Fire-Works - all about the digestive fire

Chapter 7. - New-Trition - nutrition guide for the Doshas

Chapter 8. - Taste-Buds - explaining the 6 tastes of Ayurveda

Chapter 9. - Meal-Plan - time of the days to eat, meal plans, recipes for each Doshas

Chapter 10. - Move-Meant - exercise guide for the Doshas

Chapter 11. - Sense-Ational - all about the 5 senses (touch, smell, taste, hear, sight)

Chapter 12. - Mind-full - qualities of the mind, how to nourish the mind

Chapter 13. - Om-Therapies - cleansing techniques, massage, common problems

Chapter 14. - Inte-Great - integrating it all together

My library is always open to students to have a peek in, come and browse around.

Let me know what you think of this book!

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