Open for Healing!

Ever so excited that I have finally got my courage together and will start offering Pranic Energy Healing for clients from now on. Some of you already know that I practice Pranic Energy Healing, a wonderful and very effective Healing system for physical and emotional conditions. I have been helping family and friends for years and now feel ready to step into business.

What is Pranic Energy Healing? For the official explanation please click here.

For my humble explanation, summarizing in one (long) sentence: Pranic Energy Healing is helping the body's natural self healing ability to heal faster and more effectively by removing congested energy from our energy field when congested and replenishing energy when there is energy depletion to bring our energy field back to health.

If that was difficult to digest, here is my personal experience with it. When I was studying for my Yoga Therapy Teacher Training course in 2013 I've met a lovely fellow student who was also a Pranic Energy Healer. She explained how it works, what it does, and I was like, yes sounds wonderful, but too far fetched for me at this point of time.

Fast forward to 2015. We were due to go on a 3 day skiing trip on the Friday and I got extremely sick with flu on Wednesday evening. Now if you know me, I get sick very rarely. If you know me you also know that skiing is my biggest passion next to Yoga. I was devastated, knowing even if I could go there is no way I can get up the mountain in this state. Everything was shaking, aching and I had high fever. When my friend called (fellow student by now was a lovely friend) I told her how sad I was to be missing out on the trip. She said hang on, you have got nothing to loose, I will treat you with Pranic Energy Healing. Long story short, Friday afternoon I was whizzing down the slopes like my old self. When I came back from the trip the first thing I did was to call my friend up and book in for her next course.

Pranic Energy Healing since then saved my Dad's life, got us through countless bigger and smaller sicknesses and accidents. When you are an internationally traveling mum with 3 kids, where most of the time you do not even know who your doctor is in your new residence, it gives us such stability and security. I am forever grateful for this healing system, and I believe in it with all my heart. I was not so convinced before I actually tried it, so with this one the proof of the pudding certainly lies in the eating.

What ailments is Pranic Energy Healing good for? For acute aliments like aches and pains, sprains, bites, burns, minor accidents it works very quickly, generally a session is enough for healing. For more chronic problems like continuous back ache, digestion problems, arthritis, old injuries, infections, flu, inflammations it may take a few sessions to realign the body's energy system but you will feel major improvements even after the first session.

Oh, and now you are going to get probably even more skeptical, it works even when we are not in the same country as we are working in the energy field.

Come and give it a try either in my lovely treatment room or on Skype/phone!

Finally, what is my mission regarding Pranic Energy Healing? As with Yoga, getting you to know, love and experience all the benefits of it and learn to do it yourself so it is available for you and your loved ones as well. Anyone can do it, it is not a special ability!


15 minutes session- £15 (acute injuries, bites, minor burns, accidents, aches and pains)

30 minutes session - £20 (back ache, acne, follow ups from longer treatments when more treatment is needed, preparing for an operation, reducing recovery time from an operation)

60 minutes session - £35 (chronic ailments, psychological ailments, major accidents/injuries/conditions)

Here is a little video from YouTube demonstrating Pranic Energy Healing:

My qualifications are:

Pranic Energy Healing Level 1. -2015

Pranic Energy Healing Level 2. -2015

Pranic Energy Healing Level 3. -2016

Archatic Yoga basic course - 2018

Finally, here is a complete list of conditions treatable or can be improved with Pranic Energy Healing (please note that some of these ailments my require a Master Healer, which I am not yet):

Abdominal pain,

Aging, reducing rate


Allergy, acute


Anger, to manage it



Arms, strengthening



Arthritis, rheumatoid


Arthritis/rheumatism, minor

Assimilation problems


Autoimmune ailment

Back injury


Bell's Palsy

Birth, difficulty in

Bites, insect or bug

Bladder infections

Blood, cleansing


Broken bones


Bruises, contusion fresh

Bruises, contusion older

Burns, minor fresh

Burns, minor older

Burns, severe fresh

Burns, severe older

Cancer patients relieving

Cancer, brain

Cancer, breast

Cancer, colon

Cancer, eye

Cancer, genaral procedure

Cancer, liver

Cancer, lung


Chicken pox

Cold with cough/stuffy nose