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New class type - Yoga infused with HIIT

What is HIIT, what is Yoga, and how can you put the two together? Sounds like a paradox - Yoga is calming and relaxing, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is energetic and raising the heart rate.

As we are approaching the end of winter and moving into spring this period is the time to move the excess earth and water elements from the body. In Ayurvedic terms moving the accumulated Kapha out (blog post on Kapha season coming soon). The best way to do this is through moving energetically, being active, doing vigorous or higher intensity exercises. Which may not be accessible to you due to injury, excess weight, no wish to move or any other reasons. Yoga infused with a short HIIT segment can be your answer than.

You know me, always a student, thus I was very excited to sign up to Sadie Nardini's course for Yoga Shred - Yoga infused with HIIT segments. Please watch this short introductory video about what I will call for simplicity in the future: HIIT Yoga:

So you got it, 15 minutes warm up - 12-16 minutes HIIT segment - 15 minutes stretching and relaxation. Too good to be true? That is one belief system you should immediately let go of :-).

This is what Sadie Nardini, funder of Yoga Shred (from whom I studied this new style) says about Yoga:

'Yoga is great for activating slow-twitch muscle fibers, which builds endurance. It’s awesome for helping your body to cleanse itself, and also builds flexibility, balance, and peacefulness.

But, even if the flow is faster, yoga simply doesn’t target your fast-twitch muscles, which you need for muscle definition, gains in all-around strength. Yoga does not provide enough impact, which improves bone and joint health.

A yoga practice alone also does not get your heart rate up enough to trigger true cardiovascular optimization, fat and calorie burn, and a raise in your metabolic rate. Yoga is a wonderful spiritual and movement discipline, but it is only a partial exercise form, and anyone who tells you differently is ignoring science.

Once I studied the science, I found that the absolute best workout you can do in the least amount of time, is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). This is where you do short, super-intense bursts of movement with a very high heart rate. If you are doing HIIT correctly, you go all-out, for your body’s ability, for the duration of the activity.

Then you rest, but not for enough time to recover. 20 seconds activity, 10 seconds rest. 8 rounds of this, totaling 4 minutes, you’re done.

HIIT targets both fast-twitch muscle fibers that yoga does not. Yoga works on mostly slow-twitch fibers, which build stamina and endurance for longer holding. Fast-twitch muscle fibers are what tighten and tone your body, help you get stronger for movement without injury, and gives muscles more definition and tone. HIIT optimizes your cardio capacity, or your ability to process oxygen, better than anything else. You’ll be able to do all your other exercising, like yoga, running, cycling, etc — with more ease!

Yoga Shreds can cause the Afterburn Effect: a rise in calories and fat burn that lasts from 12-48 hours after your workout! This is major, since most other workouts stop burning calories when you end your session. This is why only 4 minutes of intense-enough movement can burn more calories and create more muscle strength and transformation than working out for hours. It’s still working even when you stop!'

Come along and let's get the sweat on! Check out the Timetable for class schedule and price.



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