1.2. Yama: Satya - Truthfulness

Moving on in the 8 limbs of Yoga, within the 1st limb, the Yamas (restrictions). We have arrived to the second Yama, which is Satya - truthfulness.

To recap the 5 Yamas (restraints) suggested by the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are:

- Ahimsa - non harming/non violence

- Satya - truthfulness

- Asteya - non-stealing

- Brahmacharya - moderation, right use of energy

- Aparigraha - non-coveting, non-craving

For further information please read previous blogs on the subjects (8 limbs of Yoga), (Yamas) and (Ahimsa, the 1st of the Yamas).

The Yoga Sutras Chapter 2.36 relating to Satya states 'For one grounded in truthfulness, every action, and deed bears fruit.'

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What is the truth? The speech and mind conforming to reality as seen, inferred or heard? Action that conveys the reality as is? When speech is not deceptive? When the luxury of our imagination is given up in favor of objectivity? When the false ego gives way to intuition?