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The Universe has your back

I am reading Gabrielle Bernstein's 'The Universe has your back' at the moment. There are lots of things resonating with me in this book. One is that when you pray, do not pray for a specific outcome but surrender your fear, realign with love, and let the Universe's imagination run wild and come up with a creative solution.

I was looking for a place for the group Yoga classes. My not so humble requirements were:

- somewhere with great energy,

- plenty of light,

- a warm, heated place,

- availability when required,

- enough place for up to 7 students to practice,

- close to home to minimize travel time,

- reasonable cost

Pretty impossible when you are operating from fear, no? So I surrendered and prayed, putting my wish out there, waiting.

My Mum is visiting at the moment, which is always amazing. She is one of these warrior women, full of stamina, laughter and no job is too small for her. So we looked at each other one morning (after having gone through all the optional halls in our area and each of them lacking in either on ore more points) and started to reorganize furniture. The end result is a wonderful Yoga space with great energy, beautiful lighting, warmth, availability up to my organisational skills, just enough place for 7 students, no travel time at all and minimal cost (and each time I reorganize the furniture I will think about my Mum being with me :-)).

Hope you like it! This arrangement will give me the chance to continue with the current Thursday morning group classes and add some more days/times soon.

We are christening the new Studio next Thursday morning, 5th October, 9.30-10.45 am followed by Ayurvedic tea and a friendly chat if you would like to stay.

Booking is essential as there are only 7 spaces, £6/class.

Address: Myrtle Way, Brough HU15 1SR

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