Child pose - Balasana

I personally find child pose one of the most relaxing and calming positions while some of my students have a love/hate relationship with this position.

I would like to show a couple of modifications here to make the pose accessible to everyone.

Variations in the pose can be 1, arms extended forward, forehead resting on a, the mat b, on your arms or c, on a block, making sure that the forehead is supported. Arms can also rest by the side of the body, palms facing upwards, 2. a, with or b, without a block

1.a 1.b 1.c

2.a 2.b

If the top of the feet or front of the ankles are sensitive you can prop them up with a blanket or a towel (3.). Another variation is when your hips are far away from your heels you can also add a folded blanket/towel/bolster under the hips (4). Or you can go all out for a full restorative version with bolster under head, blankets added wherever needed, head turned sideways (5)

3. 4. 5.

Just make sure to be nice and relaxed :)!

Lets look at what are the benefits of this posture:

- Calming for the mind - activating the third eye (area between the eyebrows) by resting it on the mat/your arms/block has an instant calming and soothing effect on the brain. It is a forward fold, w