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Pair up with a friend - small group classes!

Can't make any of the group classes or feel like you would like to focus on a specific area in your Yoga practice? Flexible time schedule small group classes available now!

Pair up with a friend or tell me when you would like to come and I'll find you a partner to enjoy with an almost private class in our peaceful Brough Studio!

Times are flexible and can be agreed from week to week. Mornings, evenings and weekends are available. 2 places available at a time.

Perfect opportunity if you have a busy schedule, would like to focus on something particular like learning to meditate, conquer the headstand or handstand postures, or your aim is weight loss to name a few goals.


£7/person for 60 min classes

£10/person for 90 min classes

Contact Dora on 07496404677 to find a suitable time for you

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