3rd limb of the 8 limbs of Yoga - Asana / Poses

Just to recap the 8 limbs of Yoga outlined in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are (see blog post here):

1. Yamas - the 5 restraints to find balance with our outside world

2. Niyamas - the 5 observation to find balance in our inside world

3. Asana - Physical Poses

4. Pranayama - Breath

5. Pratyahara - Withdrawal of senses

6. Dharana - Concentration

7. Dhyana - State of Meditation

8. Samadhi - State of Oneness, Bliss

In 2018 we covered the firsts two limbs of Yoga, (to find a summary of previous blog posts on the subject click here)

This year we will focus on the remaining limbs, continuing with Asana - Physical Poses as the third limb. It is interesting to note, that out of the 196 Sutras (see blog post on Yoga Sutras) only 3 mention instruction on how to practice Asana, the physical postures, yet that seems to be the focus in most Yoga classes in the West.