My name is Dora. I am passionate about all things Yoga and Ayurveda.

My life's mission is to introduce these wonderful systems to students, to help them nurture their body, mind and spirit by clearly and compassionately guiding them through a yoga practice that is skillful, intelligent and enjoyable.

Yoga is a moving meditation that unites the inner and outer you.

Each breath is an opportunity to get closer to your optimum balance & health.

Yoga Classes in Brough, Brantingham & Ellerker, East Riding of Yorkshire


What do I offer to achieve this?

Timetable (3 real life + 1 online class weekly)

Group Yoga Classes (maximum 10-12 students in class) 

Private Yoga & Yoga Therapy Classes   


Bach Flower Therapy

Pranic Energy Healing 

Pranic Energy Healing Level I. course 


Ayurveda Dosha Quiz

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We are living longer, yet the quality of our life is decreasing.

Having a regular Yoga practice helps you with just that - improving your quality of life. The way we achieve this is by connecting the physical body, the mind and the breath together to work in harmony.

In the process of training our body to release tension and relax - we become stronger and more flexible. In the process of training our mind to be one pointed and concentrated - we become free and in control of our thoughts. By regulating our breath we become healthy on all levels: physical, emotional and mental.

Because Yoga is a WORK IN as opposed to a WORK OUT I believe the best way to learn is either directly teacher-to-student or in a small group. This enables you to have the individual attention that may not be possible in a bigger class and allows you to build up your confidence to start practicing at home as well as in bigger size classes.

For this reason our maximum class size is 7 students for gentle and beginner classes and 15 students for flow classes. 

If you would like to have an hour connecting to yourself, learning how to be more stress resilient, improving energy levels, increasing flexibility and muscle strength, balancing metabolism, protection from injuries than check out the Group Class Timetable.

The classes consist of breathing techniques, postures, meditation and relaxation. Accessible to ALL levels as I can give you variations.


All the benefits of a group class with the addition of focusing on you personally. With 1-2-1 classes there is an opportunity to work with the individual and look at the whole picture. From your daily habits, to the food you eat, your posture, sleeping habits, lifestyle choices, exercise routine, the people you surround yourselves with, your Ayurvedic constitution, the thoughts and belief systems you have -

it all has an effect on your health and well being.

Getting to know our strengths and weaknesses and

learning to balance them will increase our quality of life.

My aim is to guide you there safely.



Pair up with a friend or tell me when you would like to come and I'll find you a partner to enjoy an almost private class!

2 places available at a time.


Times are very flexible and can be agreed from week to week. Mornings, evenings and weekends are available.

Please contact Dora on 07496404677 to arrange your class!



Yoga for your Spine Workshop - 3 hours

Building up our spine from the base to the top. Understanding the anatomy, the alignment and the possible causes of back/neck pain.

Looking into both the physical and the emotional factors contributing to the tightness. Learning Yoga stretches, meditations and relaxation that will help you develop a stronger and more flexible spine, on the way to prevent back pain or achieve long term pain relief. 

Next workshop: Sunday, 16 June 3.00-6.00 pm

Contact on 07496404677 or Book in

Yoga for your Mind - Restore & Relax Workshop - 3 hours

This workshop is all about unwinding, letting the body switch back in to relaxation mode if it forgot how to. Looking at depression and anxiety from an Ayurvedic point of view. Where does the imbalance come from, how can we start to release it, how can we make ourselves more resilient? Our mind is either our best friend or our worst enemy, let's make it our friend. Combing our gentle practice with Yoga Nidra, the yogic sleep, which is a deep relaxation technique.

Next workshop: Sunday, 26 May 3.00-6.00 pm

Contact on 07496404677 or Book in

Yoga for your Dosha Workshop - 3 hours

An Ayurvedic workshop for establishing your unique constitution of the elements, your Dosha. According to Ayurveda everything in, and around us, is made up of 5 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. The proportion of these elements vary in people, seasons, life cycles, times of the day. Knowledge of these helps us to have a balanced life.

Next workshop: Friday, 7 February 9.00 am - 12.00 noon

Contact on 07496404677 or Book in

Balancing the Chakras Workshop - 3 hours 

Getting to know the subtle energy centers in the body,

the areas they effect in our lives, techniques to balance them

for optimal emotional well-being.

Next workshop: Sunday, 30 June 3.00-6.00 pm

Contact on 07496404677 or Book in



BEGINNERS - learning the correct breathing techniques to calm the mind, increase digestion and circulation among the many benefits; the detailed alignment of postures to keep away from injuries and get the maximum healing benefits of the postures; getting ready for group classes by being established in the basic breathing and postures, all in a safe environment.

INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCE STUDENTS - taking self inquiry one step further to achieve your inner balance by immersing ourselves in the world of Mudras, Mantras, Chakras, Koshas, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra.

PEOPLE WITH INJURIES/ACHES - Yoga Therapy is specifically designed for people with certain conditions. The 1-2-1 care makes it possible to tailor the therapy to protect the injured area and to provide therapy, thus regenerating and healing it. Let's take the example of lower back pain. In a regular Yoga class you would have all 6 movements of the spine (forward bending, backward bending, stretching, contracting, lateral movement and twist). People with lower back pain should avoid forward bending or only practice modified versions. Going to a regular class with several forward bends will not necessarily heal the condition but aggravate it. On the other hand the core should be strengthened, to protect the lower back. Getting to know our condition, poses that help in healing it, and the safe way to practice poses will empower us to go to any class, use any form of exercise, housework etc. On the long run keeping our back pain free and eventually regain strength and health.

PEOPLE WITH MEDICAL CONDITIONS - Yoga is proven to be very effective to manage or even alleviate certain conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, respiratory conditions, obesity to name a few.

SPECIALISED GROUPS - runners, cyclists, office workers, seniors, pregnant ladies, teenagers, kids. The intent of the class can vary, such as increasing flexibility, reducing stress, reducing the negative effects of long hours spent sitting, having fun, letting steam out, learning to get in touch with our body.



Carol Selby

'I decided to try yoga just over 6 months ago, mainly as a form of exercise.  I was quite nervous of attending a class, being a more mature lady in my 50s so was really pleased to hear about Dora and decided to try one-to-one classes with her in her home studio.  From the beginning Dora put me at my ease, providing gentle encouragement and support and no-one was more surprised than me when I realised how much I looked forward to my classes each week and the more I learned the more I wanted to know.  I will never be able to master some of the more advanced postures but although I have a long way to go I feel stronger, calmer and far more aware of my abilities.  A great bonus has been learning about the theory behind yoga and learning meditation techniques which have helped me to reduce my stress levels significantly - a great bonus in anyone's life.  Dora is a wonderful teacher and a lovely person so I cannot recommend her highly enough.  Thank you Dora for all your support.  Please don't ever move away from Brough!'


Emma Gibson

'So it seems for at least 6 years I’ve been suffering with lower back pain. So bad that I was in pain every morning and it would often make me cry. I finally did something about it this year and started seeing a chiropractor - a costly thing but it seemed to be helping. I also started practicing yoga.

But as I have got stronger with the yoga, the pain has gone and the need for the chiropractor has gone with it. Hooray for yoga! Thank you Dora' 

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Dora Longman
Brough, ERY
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