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Carol Selby

I decided to try yoga just over 6 months ago, mainly as a form of exercise.  I was quite nervous of attending a class, being a more mature lady in my 50s so was really pleased to hear about Dora and decided to try one-to-one classes with her in her home studio.  From the beginning Dora put me at my ease, providing gentle encouragement and support and no-one was more surprised than me when I realised how much I looked forward to my classes each week and the more I learned the more I wanted to know.  I will never be able to master some of the more advanced postures but although I have a long way to go I feel stronger, calmer and far more aware of my abilities.  A great bonus has been learning about the theory behind yoga and learning meditation techniques which have helped me to reduce my stress levels significantly - a great bonus in anyone's life.  Dora is a wonderful teacher and a lovely person so I cannot recommend her highly enough.  Thank you Dora for all your support.  Please don't ever move away from Brough!

Jessica Tradewell

Can't wait to get back into yoga on a regular basis! The benefits it gives me is just unreal - thank you for coming into my life Dora.

Emma Gibson

So it seems for at least 6 years I’ve been suffering with lower back pain. So bad that I was in pain every morning and it would often make me cry. I finally did something about it this year and started seeing a chiropractor - a costly thing but it seemed to be helping. I also started practicing yoga.

But as I have got stronger with the yoga, the pain has gone and the need for the chiropractor has gone with it. Hooray for yoga! Thank you Dora 

Lyndsey Rockett

Absolutely loved today’s workshop 😘 thank you so much, I can’t wait for the next one xx

Victoria Appleton

Hi Dora, thank you so much for today I really enjoyed the afternoon. You where so welcoming and I felt really at ease. I find Ayurveda so interesting, I could have listened to you all day I learnt a lot today and I really enjoyed the yoga practice. You explained everything so well, other classes I’ve been too in the past have just focused on the moves and not much else and I’ve always felt a bit lost. It was great with it been a small group too, I felt very relaxed and comfortable in the setting as well I felt really energised when I got home and my mind felt a lot clearer. Vicky x.

Liz Wilson

I am celebrating one year of studying yoga with Dora Longman and wold like to reflect on the benefits. My flexibility has increased amazingly, my mood is better, my ability to truly meditate is improving thanks to being able to control my breath and I am much more focused on the "now'! Thank you Dora for all your expertise, you are a fabulous teacher! xxx

Lisa Williams

Practising yoga with Dora has made me a better version of myself, physically, mentally and spiritually :)

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