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Private Yoga Classes

Personalized yoga classes for beginner to advance students and specialised groups (runners, cyclists, office workers, busy mums)

Yoga originally was taught direct from guru (teacher) to student. The reason for this is Yoga is a work in as opposed to a work out. The techniques/poses are designed to heal you personally, from the inside out and are unique to you.

Each pose or breathing exercise has specific purposes and benefits ranging from improving circulation, regulating digestion, enhancing metabolism, improving mood, calming the mind, opening up the chest, increase flexibility/strength, improving range of motion, balance and more.

To achieve this we start where You are. The individual. Learning one-to-one gives you the opportunity to get to know yourself, identify your strengths and weaknesses, areas of imbalance, areas where attention should be focused. There is time and opportunity for detailed alignment of the postures.


Yoga becomes truly useful when you can translate this attention and observation into all areas

of your life. Learning this will not only equip you on the yoga mat but in other areas of your life and with all forms of exercise to practice safely and with optimum benefits for you.


BEGINNERS - learning the correct breathing techniques to calm the mind, increase digestion and circulation among the many benefits; the detailed alignment of postures to keep away from injuries and get the maximum healing benefits of the postures; getting ready for group classes by being established in the basic breathing and postures, all in a safe environment.

INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCE STUDENTS - taking self inquiry one step further to achieve your inner balance by immersing ourselves in the world of Mudras, Mantras, Chakras, Koshas, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra.

SPECIALISED GROUPS - like runners, cyclists, office workers, seniors, pregnant ladies, teenagers, kids. Here to goal of the classes can be any number of reasons, such as increasing flexibility, reducing stress, reducing the negative effects of long hours spent sitting, having fun, letting steam out, learning to get in touch with our body, and so on.


£50 for 90 minutes single class  

Block of 4 classes £180 (£45/session) 75 minutes classes 

(block of 4 classes valid for 8 weeks)

Book in by e-mail or call Dora on 07496404677

Please note that cancellation of a booked place within 24 hours is to be charged at full price.


  Location: Brough Studio                       Prices                          Questions & Answers

Yoga with Dora Studio
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