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Moon Celebration circle for event landin

Welcome to the monthly NEW MOON Celebration

Friday, 12th February - 7.30-8.15 pm


Join the Zoom Meeting by clicking on this link

Meeting ID: 858 0041 7028

Passcode: 768314

Welcome to this monthly celebration when the moon comes to the end of a cycle and a new cycle begins.

To learn more about the NEW MOON click here.

We will start our practice at 7.30 with 20 minutes of gentle movement, followed by 25 minutes of Planetary Meditation of Peace.

If you haven't filled out a physical registration form with me, or you have not been a current student in the last 3 months, please complete the Online Registration Form to be able to participate in the online event. This is to ensure both your safety and my compliance with my insurance policy.

The Planetary Meditation for Peace is a beautiful meditation to fill us up with energy and then spread that throughout the world for people who need it.

As this meditation has a very strong effect, please do not practice this meditation if you are pregnant, under 16 years of age, have heart conditions, untreated high blood pressure or glaucoma. Sit on a comfortable chair with your feet touching the ground during the meditation.

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