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Have you got any current Ayurvedic Imbalances?

When we are born, our individual blend of the 5 elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether - is born as well. This proportion is unique to us and does not change in our lifetime, the same way as our eye colour or certain personality traits are permanent. This is our Ayurvedic Dosha Constitution. We may develop imbalances compared to our Constitution due to a certain element being aggravated or depleted and that would be our Ayurvedic Dosha Imbalance.  

These Dosha Imbalance questionnaires gather information about your current Imbalances - however you have been feeling in the last two weeks.

Vata Dosha - Is your Vata Dosha in balance? Find out here

Pitta Dosha - Is your Pitta Dosha in balance? Find out here

Kapha Dosha - Is your Kapha Dosha in balance? Find out here

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