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Pranic Energy Healing Course - Level 1.

2-day course (17 contact hours)

Day 1. - Sunday, 10th November, 9.30 am - 6 pm

Day 2. - Sunday, 17th November, 9.30 am - 6 pm

Price: £280 (10% discount for current students)

Prerequisites: none

Course was compiled by the Life Partner of Master Choa Kok Sui – Charlotte Anderson.

What is Pranic Energy Healing?


I think the best way to describe it is through a personal experience. In 2014 I met a lady on our Yoga Therapy Training course. She mentioned that she will be missing a day in class as she is teaching her Pranic Energy Healing course, which is a no touch energy healing treatment. I listened and noted to myself, 'wow sounds interesting, but really?'. 

Fast forward 6 months, by this time we are firm friends. My family was going through a difficult patch at this time, constant international relocation, uncertainty about our future.  I was working all hours (as a financial auditor, not a Yoga teacher may I add) and felt really stressed and drained. We were booked to go on a 4 day skiing trip with the family. Skiing was my first love, long before Yoga came into the picture. If there is one holiday a year, it has to be a skiing one. The thought of this holiday has what kept me going all year. We were due to leave on the Friday morning. On Wednesday night I came down with the most awful flu. Now, I don't get sick very often, but the stress had finally won the battle, and I was bed ridden, burning up and crying at the same time mourning our skiing holiday. My friend happened to call and when she realised the state  I was in she asked 'You know that Pranic Energy Healing I teach? I can give you a treatment if you would like?' I said 'Thank you, why not. I will try anything but there is no chance for me to be able travel in two day's time in this state.' Lo and behold, on Friday afternoon I was whizzing down the slopes! So I made myself a promise that as soon as we got back I sign on to her course.


Since then Pranic Energy Healing has been a constant part of our lives, my family is ever so thankful that countless minor ailments and pains have been treated quickly and efficiently without a rush to the doctors. Fevers have been broken without medication, swollen ankles healing in a few days rather than weeks to name a few. Now this does not mean that I have become the family doctor! We just use this as a complementing treatment to allopathic medicine and sometimes the result of that is that there is not even a need to go to the doctors.

Pranic Energy Healing is an ancient Method of Balancing the Physical Body, the Personality, one’s Life and Environment. This Method uses Knowledge about the Existence of the Energy Bodies - which Surround and Infuse the Physical Body with Vital Life Force. This “Life Force” is contained within every aspect of Life and may be directed from one person to another person, to an object, to plants, to one’s business or to anyone or anything that requires Energetic Support, Harmonizing or Strengthening.' - Charlotte Anderson

Pranic Energy Healing was compiled by the Life Partner of Master Choa Kok Sui – Charlotte Anderson.


Pranic Energy Healing is based on two main concepts. The first is that the body has the inherent ability to heal itself. The second is that we have a Physical Body that we can touch and see and an Energy Body surrounding the Physical Body that is not visible to the eye. These two bodies interact with each other and when we harmonize the Energy Body the Physical Body will respond to it.


In the Level I. two-days (18 hours) basic course we learn how the Energy Body functions, how to sense it, how to clean it and harmonize it with fresh energy. No special skills are required to master and effectively apply the basic course material. With two-days of intensive training, we will have the ability to treat most physical illnesses (without actually physically touching the person being treated).


Our goal is to bring this knowledge to everyone, so that every family has at least one member who can practice this natural healing method. As a result of this, more children and adults can  rely less on conventional medicine and accelerate their self healing. Thanks to the fast and excellent results, doctors and natural therapists too are now complementing their treatments with the practice of pranic energy treatment.


Topics covered in the course:

  •      The structure of the energy body: the role of the aura, locations and roles of the main and minor energy centers (chakras)

  •       How it is possible to work on the physical body by treating the energy body and thus to achieve a better state of health

  •     How to detect the sick/congested/blocked areas by hand on the energy body

  •      Cleansing techniques to remove sick/congested/blocked energy from the energy body and the chakras

  •     Special (non-contact) energetic technique, where we will be able to absorb and transfer energy, accelerating the body's self-healing process

  •     Breathing techniques to significantly increase our energy levels

  •     Personal development

  • Self-healing, absent healing

  • A special meditation technique that can help us achieve a strong spiritual development and provide us with ample of prana energy (Love & Peace Meditation)


This course will provide you with a life-long tool to increase well-being daily, allowing you to change your life through understanding energy. The techniques taught in this course are simple and clear, anyone who is interested can participate and make them their own. The aim is to be able to use the learned skills immediately!


Duration of the course: 2 days, 9.30 am - 6.00 pm (16 hours + 2 x 30 minutes lunch break)

Date: Sundays 10th November & 17th November, 2019

Participation fee: £280 (10% discount for current Yoga with Dora students) - £50 deposit required to secure place on the course

Location: Yoga with Dora Studio, Brough (minimum 2- maximum 6 students per course)

To book in please contact Dora on 07496404677 or

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