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Theta Healing

Bach Flowers

Alternative therapies 


Whatever happened to me in life I tried to look at it objectively and see what is

it trying to teach me? When I had the technique to overcome or process the problem, I did it.

When a block or lesson came that I could not get through, soon enough the method to overcome it came too. At first I was a bit worried, why am I interested in so many things? That this works, that works.

Eventually I realised that all of these techniques are like a toolbox. We pick and choose whatever is appropriate for that hurdle.

Your body is storing all the stress and can't get rid of it - Yoga, Yoga Therapy.

A belief system is blocking your advance - Theta Healing.

Your emotions are paralising you - Bach flower therapy.

Pain or sickness is stopping you to go forward - Pranic Healing.


Advanced Theta Healer 

Advanced Bach Flower Therapist

Pranic Healer Level 3


Theta Healing: £25 Studio in Brough or Skype

Bach Flowers: £25 Studio in Brough (including flower remedy mixture)
Pranic Healing: £25 Studio in Brough

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