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Bach Flower Therapy

The Bach Flower remedies are a natural system of healing. The 38 Flower Remedies discovered by Dr Bach balance a particular characteristic or emotional state in us by aligning us with the vibration of that emotion. 

What does this mean and how do the flower remedies work? I think the easiest way to describe it is a bit like we have forgotten how to feel that emotion and the flowers remind us, teaching us how to feel like that again. 

When selecting your unique combination of flowers with the help of the questionnaire, tune in to how you are feeling at the moment and the sort of person you are in your nature. There are two ways to choose a remedy combination. One is to choose for an acute situation, when something suddenly occurred that you have difficulty processing. The other way is to work on a personal trait that you would like to change in yourself.   

To choose your remedy tick the box in front of the remedy if any of the statements apply to you. Sometime we may feel that we would need all the remedies, but for the best results choose only up to 6 remedies maximum. If you exceed the 6 remedies, go back and select only the most important ones. If you still have trouble limiting to 6 remedies go ahead and tick all that applies to you, when you receive your remedy selection they will come with relating affirmations, the affirmations may help you to decide where do you need to start. You can always ask for help from me as well!

Submit the 6 remedies that you have chosen:
Choose your Bach Flower Remedy:
Your final choice to make:

Thank you for submitting your chosen remedies!

You will receive and e-mail within 24 hours with your chosen remedies and their relating affirmations.

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