New Moon wishes - Pisces 2021

New Moon in PISCES today, Saturday, 13th March, at 10:21 am GMT. Let's get wishing!

What does the energy of the Pisces bring to us? The last sign of the Zodiac, the completion of the circle.

Don't you just love it that we have a chance for restart so many times a year? January, the obvious one. Our Birthdays, it is a personal reset. Mid April, when the Zodiac wheel starts it's new round. Personally, as a Mum of three September is always a new beginning as well, with the new school year.

When we think about new beginnings, first we have to close the chapter before. A bit like how I always say in class - start with an exhale, make room, and then inhale.

New Moon in PISCES is our chance to close the past year. The energy of this sign is inner peace, facing our biggest fears, surrendering, deep healing - both physical and emotional, saying no to things that harm us or keep us stuck and to connect to our spiritual side.

A few affirmations to connect with the energy: 'Inner peace is my focus'

'My dreams are my guide' 'It's okay to say no'

If you would like to know more about the Pisces energy check out the previous blog post on it here. where we went into depth for this PISCES NEW MOON energy.

I prepared a downloadable Moon Sheet for you this month too, click here to download it

Happy Wishing



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