New Moon wishes - Aquarius 2021

Who is ready for the Aquarius New Moon? I must confess, she is one of my favorites (don't know about you, but for me the Moon feels like a lady). The Aquarius. The rebel. The free spirit. The one who wants to give everyone the same chance. The one who wants to unite rather than to divide. The one that creates a community.

In 2021 she comes with a Stellium. Meaning, that a line up of other planets have also joined the Moon in the Aquarius party. Like the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and even Saturn are in the same energy as the Moon. How exciting is that? Well, if you like revolutionary, innovative, awakening and expansive energies than have a happy dance. This time is great to try something completely new, something out of the box. The best way to really connect to this energy is to be charitable. If giving to charity is not something that you do regularly I strongly suggest doing it this month!

If you would like to know more about the Aquarius energy check out the previous blog post on it here.

Apparently the last time we had such a strong Aquarian energy was in the 60's. When the hippies arrived. Imagine Woodstock. That sounds like fun, doesn't it? It will be interesting to see what it will bring now, in our current 'locked down' state...

The New Moon is on Thursday, 7:06 pm on 11th February, but as soon as the lunation happens the moon goes into VoC, Void of Course, which is not a good time to start our wishing, it's a bit of a pause button as the moon does its thing. It will only come out of it at 7:23 am the next morning. That is why we will have our New Moon Celebration on Friday night, 12th February @ 7.30 pm on Zoom (it is a free event, register by clicking on this link if you would like to join us).

Interesting to note that the Chinese New Year also starts on Friday, it will be the year of the Yin Metal Ox.

Happy Wishing



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